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How to add new Listing?

1. Create New Product

After registering your store, open the FrancoMarket vendor dashboard and click the Add New button on Products page.

2. Add product title

Enter the name of the product in the title section. 

3.  Choose product type

Depending on what you’re selling, WooCommerce lets you use different product types. You can choose from four core product types:

  1. Simple product – It is the default. This type of product is common among WoCommerce store owners. For instance, a one-size-fits-all hat.
  2. Grouped product – A grouped product is usually for combining simple products — for instance, a pack of five t-shirts.
  3. External/Affiliate product – If you have a dropshipping business or an affiliate based store, you can use this option to link the “Add to Cart” button to an external page.
  4. Variable product – A product that offers multiple variations like colors, sizes, etc. For example, a t-shirt where shoppers can choose between “Small”, “Medium”, “Large”, etc.

To make this choice, you can use the drop-down and checkboxes in the Product data box, which appears just below the WordPress editor where you added the product description:

For the rest of this tutorial, we’ll use a Simple product. The process is generally the same for other product types – you’ll just get a few additional options.

4. Add product key features and descriptions.

Next, complete the description for your product. You’d want the description (more specifically, long description) to explain the advantages of a product. You can even use bullet points to improve the readability of this section.

5. Add Product Images

  • Product image – Add the main image of the product. This will be the largest image on the single product page and will also appear on the catalog page.
  • Product gallery – You can add extra images that appear in the gallery on the single product page.

6. Select Category and #hastags

  • Category – Select as many categories as you want for your product! You will get further suggestions that will help classify this product better so more shoppers can find it.
  • Tags –  What words might someone use to search for your product? What makes it special?

7. Fill out the product data meta box

Once you’ve filled out all the product information, you’ll need to fill out the rest of the details in the Product Option box. You can use the tabs on the left to navigate between different sections for Pricing, Shipping, Tax, Linked Products, Product Video, Attributes, and more.

8. Hit the Submit button

Once you double-check that all of the product details are correct, you can hit Submit to make your product live. If you are new to the platform, moderators may require to review your product and suggest edits as required.

Next step, Accepting orders…

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