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“ is the result of Edmonton’s French Quarter’s desire to provide support to local small and medium-sized enterprises and to bring them a practical and effective solution to adapt quickly to the changing market needs.” is a website, funded by Non-For-Profit organizations, offering Alberta local businesses a ready-to-use technology to sell their products successfully online, and get the exposure they deserve on a single e-commerce platform, adding convenience and increased access for the community.

Small businesses are the heart and soul of our community, supporting them in this challenging time is crucial and can save them from an imminent closure.

Now it’s time for large corporations like yours to stand with local small businesses and give back to the community.

Market page

$ 20.000
  • Starting Kit
  • Market Page


$ 25.000
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Post and emails

Blog &community content

$ 30.000
  • Signing all content
  • Main Page

Be there for them today… And they will remember your gesture forever !

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