Decorating the Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Make your most beautiful tree ever!

The most beautiful time of the year has arrived: we can decorate the Christmas tree again! A good start is half the work. And that includes also decorating the Christmas tree, so make sure you are well prepared. Pull out all the Christmas decorations and bring the Christmas tree into your home. Put on some Christmas music and you’re all set! Read on to discover the most useful tips you can use with decorating the Christmas tree.

Choose the colors for your Christmas tree  

Determine the colors for the tree. Choose 2 to 5 colors that you will use. You can choose color themes or you determine the colors yourself. Make sure you match the colors well. After all, you have to look at it for a few weeks!

To see if all colors match well, you can put everything on the table in advance. Put the streamers, lights, balls and other decorations together and mix and match everything together. After all, it is Christmas.

Decorating the Christmas tree: keep the order right! 

It is important that you keep the correct order when decorating the Christmas tree. Always start by hanging the lights in the tree. Check in advance whether the lights work and hang them from top to bottom in the tree. Then hang the garland or ribbon in the tree and create a 3D effect by placing the garlands a little deeper in the tree at some places. You actually only set the topper last in the tree, but this often goes wrong. Many baubles fall if you want to put the topper on the top and that is a shame. Therefore, it is a good idea to put the topper on the tree before you start with all the Christmas balls.

Look at the tree from a distance every now and then 

The lights, garlands and baubles must be nicely distributed over the tree. You often do not see this well when you are too close to the tree. So take a few steps back from time to time to see if there are any empty spots in the Christmas tree, so that you can fill them again with balls and lights. 

Decorating the Christmas tree: from small to large 

Okay, now we can start decorating the Christmas tree! Hang the baubles from small to large in the tree. This gives a playful effect and makes your Christmas tree look even bigger!

Small children in the house? Make the Christmas ornament balls yourself!  

Do you have small children at home and do they like decorating the Christmas tree? Let them help! It’s a fun activity! Buy some candies to hang on the tree and opt for clear baubles. Buy glass paint and make your own Christmas baubles with the children. How nice is that! A tip: opt for plastic Christmas balls. Children can sometimes drop the balls out of their enthusiasm and that would be a shame!

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